Embracing Modernity: Evolution in Design

This year marks an exciting evolution in the aesthetic representation of the Manitoba Magic Basketball Club. While staying true to our roots, we’ve ventured into a realm of modernity and sleekness in our design concepts. The shift towards a more contemporary style embodies our commitment to staying ahead while honoring our rich legacy. Our new line of apparel reflects clean lines, minimalist yet impactful graphics, and a fresh color palette—infusing a sense of sophistication and relevance to our collection.

In response to the evolving tastes and preferences of our community, we’ve curated designs that embrace a modern aesthetic. These designs transcend mere clothing; they encapsulate a lifestyle. An embodiment of the progressive spirit that defines the Manitoba Magic Basketball Club. However, we understand and respect the sentimental value our current logo holds for many within our community. Therefore, the classic logo design remains available for order. It stands as a testament to our enduring history and continues to be a cherished emblem for our fans. Join us in celebrating this transition—a fusion of tradition and modernity—as we embrace a new era in style and representation for the Manitoba Magic Basketball Club.

Customize your order how you like it:

  • Choose from 5 different garment styles from t-shirts, long sleeve tees, hoodies and more.
  • Adult and youth sizes available.
  • A variety of 6 design styles and 2 classic designs to choose from.
  • A number of colors to choose from for each garment.
  • Embroidery finish is available for a $15 add-on fee.

Please note that designs on clothing may not be depicted at actual scale and could vary in appearance based on the specific design. Variations in size, placement, and proportions may occur in the final product.